The Many Worlds of Cornelius L. Sharpe (Part 1)

Excerpts from the Journal of Cornelius L. Sharpe.

March 6, 2018 – Spent the night at L’s place.  We cooked salmon with a honey-lemon glaze with steamed broccoli.  I have never been able to cook worth a damn, but these receipes from the web let me fake it well enough.  Hopefully she’ll still like me when she figures out I can’t really cook.  Or, maybe this is just what cooking is, following each instruction from some long past master chef.
We played a game of scrabble afterwards, she bingoed me with “peptides” and won by 32 points.  I wanted to kiss her, lift her onto the table, and have her right there!  What can I say?  A smart woman is such a turn on!  Instead we curled up together on her couch and talked about our days.  She talked to me about the dreams she had been having the last few weeks, and the stories she had been writing based off them.

The thing is that usually I’m not that interested in dreams.  It’s just the brain’s way of cleaning up the assorted thoughts of the day and storing things in long term memory.  But, you should hear her talk about them, the colors, the way things smelled, the outlandish characters and bizarre plots.  It’s a whole other world for her that is real, and she visits it every night.  It’s probably just my hormones getting the better of me, she could probably talk about paint drying and I would still be interested.

She asked a lot of questions about my work at the lab.  She has a hard time believing that there are nearly infinite parallel universes “right next to” our own.  She loves the idea, of course, but thinks that it is an idea just as fanciful as one of her stories.  I can’t wait to show her my project when it’s done, she’ll be one of the first to ever look on another reality as it’s happening.

I wish I kissed L last night.  Instead we ended up talking until the wee hours and she said I could stay over, but we needed to sleep because she had to work in the morning.  We cuddled and talked a little more, but I was too much of a chicken to make a move.  I really like her and don’t want to get friend zoned.  Instead we talked about playgrounds we played in in our childhoods, and building castles in the sand.  It was nice, but I really would like to get laid too!

March 10, 2018 – Is it so wrong to want to go into the lab to keep working on a Saturday?  L is out of town on a book signing trip and I need to keep my mind off of her.  The temptation to send her little flirting messages is pretty high, but I don’t want to suffocate what we have.  Besides, I think we’re getting close to our first bombardment image.

March 13, 2018 – L. sent me a letter about all the things people tell her about when she’s signing books.  One woman went on a long rant about how a young man she met claimed to be in the cloning business, but no matter how much money she offered him he would not duplicate her prize winning Mr. Pumpernickel.  I’m impressed with how she always seems to find something interesting in all those people’s ramblings.  I guess it gives her fuel to keep writing with.  Anyway, she must like me, she sent me a letter, right?  Woohoo!

March 15, 2018 – The experiment worked!  I like to call it Schrodinger’s Interior Decorator.  We placed the electron emitor in the chamber with blocks precisely stacked so as to have a multitude of equally likely fall outcomes.  We then removed the casing, and the blocks spilled out over the room.  The sensors show the waveforms of the electrons behaving as if there were electrons bouncing off spaces where there could have been blocks.  We ran the data set through the servers, and when we calculate positions based on the noise, we have been able to build topographical charts of the parallel worlds with different block configurations.  <insert more science, probably better to re-write as a conversation with L. where she gets lost by the science and Cornelius explains the best he can in plain language.  Don’t want to lose people here.>

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